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The Sardar Group of Companies’ Taj Residencia welcomes you to a world of luxury living in the centre of Rawalpindi. The Sardar Group of Companies is renowned for carrying out successful projects and keeping its pledge to always be two steps ahead of the competition. The success of their first project, “The Centaurus Mall,” has prompted the developers to change their focus and move into a Luxury Housing Society. Islamabad’s commercial centre and its example of a successful luxury apartment development are known as Centaurus Mall.

 The Iraqi-born Sardar Group of Companies is a leader in the automotive sector, including car sales and rentals. After that, they wanted to grow and bought into “The Centaurus Mall,” one of Pakistan’s most prominent construction ventures. Islamabad’s commercial centre and its example of a successful luxury apartment development are known as Centaurus Mall. After the success of their first project, The Centaurus Mall, the developers decided to go into a luxury housing society. The business decided to put money into the residential development Taj Residencia.

The Taj Residencia aspires to be yet another excellent concept that promises to be the greatest. The Taj Residencia project aims to be just as gorgeous as The Centaurus Mall, but at a price that makes it accessible to the general public. This business is becoming more and more well-liked among both domestic and foreign investors since it aims to satisfy the interests of both investors and real customers. Taj Residencia is still under construction, however it is widely recognised as one of the Twin Cities’ Top Residential Projects

About NOC of Taj Residencia:

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), which is in charge of the Taj Residencia society project’s physical site and legal jurisdiction, has given the Taj Residencia project clearance.

All parties involved and impacted by any residential project view the No Objection Certificate, or NOC, as being of the utmost importance. This is because once the NOC is received, the project is regarded as being lawful, which promotes trust in the community and its developers.

This society has a clear and sufficient legal position, making investing in it safe and secure in Islamabad. On the RDA’s official website, investors and anyone hoping to reserve a Taj Residencia plot may monitor the progress of the NOC.


Best Housing Project for Investment in 2023?

Topographies of Taj Residencia

One or more of Taj Residencia’s standout characteristics are listed below:

Taj Residencia’s Owners & Developers

The Taj Residencia project is owned and developed by The Sardar Group of Companies. The Sardar Group of Companies is a commercial real estate firm that created, planned, and constructed Pakistan’s opulent residential market. The Centaurus Mall, one of the company’s architectural masterpieces in Islamabad, is particularly well known. The Sardar Group of Companies, which is known for providing and managing quality living in Pakistan, also makes sure that their high standards are preserved by overseeing every project process from the proposal to the end.

The Sardar Group of Companies is well-known in Pakistan for developing serene surroundings, luxuriant living, and a lifestyle to match.

Sardar Group of Companies

The Taj Residencia project was created by the Sardar Group of Companies. The luxury residential market in Pakistan was pioneered, designed, and constructed by this real estate development corporation. 2013 saw The Team provide a level of worldwide excellence unmatched by any previous period in Pakistan’s history. Additionally, this took place during the planning, building, and delivery of their cutting-edge megaproject, “The Centaurus.”

The Sardar Group of Companies is known for running lavish living in Pakistan and for offering not just the most opulent living quarters but also a lifestyle to match. In addition to high-end features and facilities, our private estate provides a concierge lifestyle designed to meet the needs of all of our residents. To maintain our world-class standards, The Sardar Group of Companies manages every aspect of a project, from planning to execution.

Location of Taj Residencia

On Bhata Road, in the midst of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, is the Taj Residencia. The society is a unique investment opportunity because of its location. In the Capital neighbourhood, the society is said to have the greatest housing options.

Taj Residencia is a property in Rawalpindi that is governed by the RDA, or Rawalpindi Development Authority. The Taj Residencia is located across from Sector I-14 and I-15 of Islamabad’s Capital Development Authority (CDA). Taj Residencia has three primary entrances. The Sector I-14 Link Road serves as the primary entrance to the Taj Residencia community. Sector I-16 serves as the second entry to the Taj Residencia community. The Taj Residencia Society will likely get a third entrance when the Ring-Road Rawalpindi is completed because it would then have direct access from the M-2 Motorway Interchange.

Land Area:

The Taj Residence Taj Residencia is near to Islamabad, however Rawalpindi is under the control of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The major gateway to this project is the link between I-14 and I-15. 10,000 Kanal Land has been granted by RDA for the Taj Residencia Installment Plans and Society project.

Due to the community’s position away from the city’s hectic traffic and ease of access from other locales, it is a key draw. Due to the community’s position away from the city’s hectic traffic and ease of access from other locales, it is a key draw.

Access to Taj Residencia

The following are some of the accessible points from Taj Residencia:

Master Plan of Taj Residencia

Owners and developers of Taj Residencia established a remarkable master plan for its inhabitants and investors to contribute to society.

A thorough map of Taj Residencia society’s Blocks is shown below:

Taj Residencia Villas

The plots are available in a range of shapes and settings, including standard, corner, Main Boulevard, and park-facing plots. In Taj Residencia, The Sardar Group of Companies provides Dream Villas that are ready to move into. Depending on their unique qualities, Taj Residencia offers a choice of villas. Which are:

Villas in the housing society have been beautifully created, giving the occupants a feeling of luxury and opulence. The contemporary comforts are all there in these villas. Dream villa sizes in Taj Residencia are as follows:

Blue Bell Taj Residencia

Blue Bell Block is a recent addition to society in Taj Residencia. The block’s unique selling point is the incredibly low cost of the residential plots. Plots in this block are 8 Marla in size.

Residential Towers

Residential towers provide every amenity imaginable. Every villa is a piece of beauty, from its exquisite design to its superior construction. The management’s meticulous attention to detail in the installation of fixtures and fittings as well as the clean finish make the interiors extraordinary.

The Residential Towers and Plots feature a gorgeous and fashionable layout that will go well with your lifestyle. Your entire life has been preparing you for this moment, and Taj will provide you the chance to connect with a great address.

You’ll be able to walk to everything that important to you, maintaining a convenient and healthy lifestyle. locations including hospitals, parks, playgrounds, schools, colleges, grocers, and pharmacies.

Commercial Hub

The Taj Residencia Commercial Hub is all about drastically improving on previous thinking in order to give the finest possible environment for today’s needs.
The Taj Residencia Commercial Hub is a magnificent masterplan development that has been precisely developed to reflect the demands of the Twin Cities community by bringing together and integrating retail, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options under one roof.

Centaurus Mall-II

Following the success of the Centaurus Mall in Islamabad, the developers want to open a second branch near Taj Residencia, Centaurus Mall-II.

This would allow residents to shop for both domestic and international brands without having to leave the property.
The distinguishing features of this mall are:

Royal Club

This block was specifically designed with local residents’ sporting activities in mind, as the name implies. The sports complex at the Taj Residencia will provide a variety of fields and venues for different sports and games.

The residents would have everything they needed in this facility. There are plans for a badminton court, a football stadium, a cricket stadium, and an indoor sports complex.

Project Details

The plots are offered in a variety of shapes and settings, including normal, corner, Main Boulevard, and park-facing plots, among others. The Sardar Group of Companies also provides Dream Villas that are ready to move into at Taj Residencia.

The following are some of the choices offered by Dream Villas:

Dream Villas Block

The housing society features elegantly-designed villas that offer the inhabitants a sense of luxury and grandeur. These villas are provided with all the contemporary amenities. 

Below are the sizes of Dream Villas in Taj Residencia:
Blue Bell Block

Blue Bell Block is a recent addition to the housing scheme of Taj Residencia. The block features residential plots at low rates. 

Below are the plots sizes available in Blue Bell Block of Taj Residencia:

Booking Process for Taj Residencia

Visit G Marketing Office with the following documentation to reserve your property in Taj Residencia:


Best Housing Project for Investment in 2023?

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