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In zone IV of Islamabad, Park View City is a stunning housing development by Vision Group that has received CDA approval. The housing society has a Main Boulevard that is 400 feet wide and enables easy entry into society from the highway. In addition, access is also available via Kurri Road and Banigala. Due to its beautiful surroundings and top-notch amenities, this house development is well-liked by investors.

It is intended to offer the ideal location for families that want to reside in a safe region with a vision of the future and breathtaking views.

Developers and Owners:

One of Islamabad’s most sought-after housing societies is Park View City, which was created by Vision Group employing contemporary architecture and technology. Aleem Khan, a prominent and active politician, owns the Vision Group. The Vision Group’s first undertaking in Islamabad is this.

Vision Group:

Since its founding in 2012, Vision Group has completed unheard-of real estate developments. Vision Group has become one of the most reputable and trustworthy development companies in the area in less than ten years by dominating Pakistan’s real estate market.

The Park View project by Vision Group is one of the most opulent home developments in the area, and it strives for excellence.

The company’s varied construction and urban design initiatives in international cities are intended to produce opulent living. In the aspects of their projects, Vision Group combines modern practicality with attractive aesthetics to create luxurious and convenient living spaces.


Malot is the Mauza (previous name) of this wonderful home development.


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will shortly accept the Park View City Islamabad No Objection Certificate (NOC), and the developers are making all reasonable efforts to obtain the approved status. Any housing society that wants to have the status of a legitimate, recognised residential area must become legally established.


Best Housing Project for Investment in 2023?


According to the map, Park View City is perfectly situated,

 15 minutes by car from Serena Hotel Islamabad, 5 minutes by car from  Bani Gala, and only one minute’s walk from the verdant, beautiful botanical Garden.

It can be reached from Chak Shahzad by way of the Kashmir Highway, Lehtrar Road, Islamabad Highway, Park Road, and Kuri Road, which are all eight kilometres away.

Access Roads:

The main Jinnah Avenue in Park View City Islamabad may be reached from Kurri Road provides direct access to the community via Malot Road, also known as the 200-foot-wide primary access road that CDA has constructed.

Total Land Area:

The society, which is spread out over 7000 Kanal of land with a number of residential and commercial buildings, appeals to all social mores.

It is located 15 minutes from the centre of Islamabad city, and is bordered by the lush green Bani Gala neighbourhood with the most breathtaking scenery. This society is the pinnacle of luxury and peace.

In the heart of the Botanical Garden, Park View City Islamabad offers peaceful vistas. Our primary entrance is on the side facing Rawal Chowk, while 2nd gate has access from Bhara Kahu.

Malot Road, which is easily accessible from Kurri Road, is where the project is located. For the enormous project, the CDA has approved a 200-foot-wide road.

The master plan:

The following master plan map of the entire civilization allows you to see where the blocks are located:

Project Details:

The Park View City is broken up into various alphabetical blocks made up of both residential and commercial blocks. In the society, Blocks B, C, E, F, N, and M offer 1-Kanal plots, whereas Blocks D and P offer 2-Kananal plots.

Terrace C Block:

The Terrace C Block is where Park View City’s Terrace Block is situated. The complex also includes terrace apartments, which are the height of elegance and luxury. The neighbourhood is made up of inexpensive residential plots of the following sizes:

A & B Blocks:

The residential A and B Blocks of Park View City are made up of inexpensive residential plots. The plot sizes are listed below:

H Block:

Residential plots in H Bock in Park View City range in size from 5 marla to 10 marla to 1 kanal.

K Block:

The newest block in Park View City Islamabad to provide home plots of the following sizes is K Block:

Hills Estate Block:

The Walk Commercial-Downtown:

Without a doubt, the housing scheme’s Walk Business-Downtown serves as the centre of all commercial activity. There are commercial plots of various sizes besides shopping malls:

Commercial Downtown:
The Walk:

Terrace Apartments:

Affordable Park View City Terrace Apartments are available in Park View City Islamabad. The PVC’s Block A and Block B are where the units will be constructed.

The many kinds of terrace apartments are as follows:

Apartments with three bedrooms

Park View Homes:

Park View City provides pre-built homes at affordable prices. The following sizes are offered for the PVC Homes:

3.5 Marla Residential Plots:

Block K of Park View City Islamabad shortly in past saw the debut of its 3.5 Marla residential plots. These plots are offered at incredibly low prices due to the rising demand for homes.

The following sizes are currently eligible for Park View City’s 2 Year Payment Plan.

Residential Plot Sizes:
Commercial Plot Sizes:

To reserve the aforementioned plots with Park View, a 20% deposit is required. The remaining balance is due over the course of two years in eight equal quarterly payments.

Features And Amenities:

A flawless housing community with unrivalled amenities and perfect vision is Park View City. Each section of the society is designed with a special perspective and functionality to offer its people a luxurious lifestyle.

Imax Cinemas:

The IMAX and 3D cinemas in Park View City will provide you an unmatched cinematic experience. The city will be a model of luxury and entertainment.

Commercial Walk:

Commercial areas with the top retail brand names will meet all of your demands while providing you with the most pleasurable and practical shopping experience.

Parks and Zoo:

The society’s goal to provide entertainment for people of all ages includes zoos, parks, and other recreational pursuits.

Club & Community Center:

Thanks to the society’s club and community centre, residents will have the chance to partake in a range of indoor and outdoor sports, including bowling, swimming, snooker, cricket, tennis, and golf.


To address health challenges in the community, a sizable hospital with specialised architecture and current technologies will be built.


The best educational facilities will be included into the neighbourhood that offers the most comprehensive curriculum, conveniently located near residential structures for simple access.

The Vision Group, which also owns other renowned educational institutions, has chosen to establish the newest National School branch in Park View City thanks to the decision of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation.


This exceptional housing programme will include safeguarding the spiritual relevance and religious values of stunning mosques.

Gated Community:

the park City is a completely guarded, safe neighbourhood that is encircled on all sides by a boundary wall. While Park View has even barred the side that is next to the national forest region, its neighbouring societies do not have coverage that is as extensive.

24/7 Electricity, Gas and Water:

In Park View Islamabad, the provision of power, water, and gas is a top priority. These services are offered continuously throughout the entire society. Park View City is better to the other communities in the area because it is endowed with a variety of natural resources, the presence of which is crucial.

Water is only accessible at a depth of less than 50 feet below the surface, and the Gumrah River’s passage through the area also guarantees that there is a sufficient supply of water for the population.

Every home in the community is designed with an underground water storage system to hold the copious amounts of rainfall that the area receives. Additionally, the community has a plan in place to construct its own dam for the purpose of collecting and using water; work on the dam has already started in the society.

Free-From-Load Shedding Area:

Water dam is now being built, and in addition to a power plant to ensure the society has an abundant supply of electricity, load-shedding will not occur there.

Underground Supply of Electricity:

To prevent power outages, all electrical work in society is planned underground. Underground cables are both significantly safer and a beautiful addition to civilization.

24/7 Observation :

A network of CCTV cameras is established throughout society because it takes its citizens’ safety very seriously.

Modern Infrastructure And Elegant Housing Plan:

This project aims to be a monument in the making, utilising Park View City Islamabad’s rich green surrounds. High-rise structures, contemporary substructure, and its graceful housing concept will add to its attraction.

Innovative Development:

Park View City would feature the finest workmanship and most lavish architecture as a representation of Pakistan’s contemporary civilisation..

Park View City Apartments:

Park View City Apartments will increase the level of living for tenants while also allowing them to live an elegant, modern lifestyle. On-site amenities like a fitness centre, swimming pools, laundry rooms, a convenience store, and much more will be available in these luxurious apartments.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Botanical Garden:

Park View Housing Society is better to other housing societies in its area since it has a Botanical Garden right in the middle of it. This Botanical Garden will not only improve the project’s natural beauty, but it will also increase the soil’s fertility.

The greenhouse will have a wide variety of flowers, herbs for the yard, and unusual plants from all over the world. Nurseries and greenhouses will be available for the society’s magnificent tropical plants and flowers. A market for organic foods will also be established in the community to supply organic fruits and vegetables so that its citizens can have healthy lives.

Golf Estate:

Recently, the Golf Estate in Park View City Islamabad was introduced, adding an exciting new element to the social environment. It is a lovely development that offers a picturesque living environment that is unmatched in society. Beautifully situated next to the Bahria Enclave, which could be reached from the society’s Gate 2, is the Golf Estate site.

The Golf Estate Park View City was created to provide an opulent experience away from the bustle of city life, with refreshing beauty by the Margalla Hills. For city people seeking a break, the Golf Estate offers breathtaking views. Without a doubt, the Park View City Golf Estate is a golfer’s paradise.

The project offers a variety of amenities, including homes and businesses, as well as sports in the form of a golf estate. The Park View City has evolved into a genuine work of opulent art in the Twin Cities real estate market. This 9-hole golf course has given Islamabad’s map even more prominence when it was added.

The Golf Estate offers the ideal balance of elegance, comfort, and top-notch amenities at the greatest market rates in the housing sector. The following types of residential plots are available at the Park View CityGolf Estate: 

Payment Schedule for Golf Estate:

Overseas Block:

With residential and commercial buildings, traditional flats, Park View City Islamabad Villas, and now Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block, Park View City is a charismatic housing complex that has catered to everyone’s demands.

The Overseas Block will be introduced soon in the large project, and you can be confident that it will meet all requirements for housing that meets international standards. The block was specifically developed by the planners with the combination of the most cutting-edge amenities and technology to offer Pakistanis living abroad a luxurious living experience.

This specific restriction on the request of overseas Pakistanis looking for identification, identity, and a secure environment in which to invest in Pakistan was deemed necessary. Grand homes and a range of commercial prospects may be found on the overseas block in Park View City. The homes in this block will have a high demand and added value. The Overseas Block of Capital Smart City and Blue World City Islamabad’s trend can be used to anticipate this block’s success.

Overseas Block Location:

The foreign block is situated in Park View City’s most desirable neighbourhood, close to Gate 1. The neighbourhood is situated close to the project’s commercial hub and will provide its residents with a profitable investment in addition to a luxurious lifestyle.


The overseas block will meet the wants of all societal members in addition to its lovely setting. The following amenities will be a part of the block’s design.

Payment Plan of Overseas Block:

Residential plots of 5 and 10 marlas in the Overseas block are originally available to residents on a 3-year initial instalment plan. The payment schedules for the Park View City Overseas block are provided for your convenience:

Residential Plots in Overseas Block Payment Schedule:
Commercial Plots in Overseas Block Payment Schedule:

The recent voting event saw the officials of this organization declare ownership of the initial blocks where development has already started. Within the next two years, the society will be completely completed, and investors will also be given possession of the last few plots during that time. 

Investors are urged to take advantage of this lifetime investment opportunity because the society is now accepting new bookings for a brief period of time. This housing project is not only a good investment, but it’s also a great place for you and your loved ones to live and work thanks to its safe residential and commercial location.


The management of the prestigious society is working to expedite the project’s development so that it can be delivered to its investors earlier than anticipated. Block A and B’s construction work is almost finished, and the earthwork encircling these blocks has started.

A water treatment facility will also be built in A-block soon to ensure that its residents have access to clean water. Through this treatment facility, the water will be cleaned, recycled, and distributed to every area of the block.

The grand main gate and the road leading to the entry of the alluring society serve as the society’s major entrance. Since the soil in this society is inherently fertile for agriculture and abundantly green, levelling and mapping the land don’t require any significant changes.

Since the work on Park View’s main entrance gate has been finished and the construction of the main 200-foot wide road has begun and is anticipated to be finished in a few months, the society appears to be in much better form. This 2-kilometer-long road is being built with CDA approval and will have direct access from Kurri Road.


Following the payment of any outstanding debt, the balloting and ownership of eligible plots in Park View City Islamabad began on March 24, 2019, on the grounds of the Park View Housing community.

The occasion was attended by well-known members of the community and the respected project’s authorised dealers. Plot numbers were allocated to plot files that were booked in the extension blocks of the society and measured 5 marlas, 8 marlas, 10 marlas, 1 kanal, and 2 kanals.

For the investors who had made on-time payments of their instalments and dues, the voting was conducted using a fair computerised process. The awarded plot number and other official paperwork were given to the appropriate plot owners within a week.

Pros And Cons:


Ideal Place

Prices are considered higher

no legal action Questions about the NOC or permits


Provision of all necessary amenities and a peaceful environment


No-pollution zone


outstanding return on investment


Development is advancing quickly.


The Society will have its own power plant and be a load-shedding-free zone because to the presence of water traces 50 feet below the surface.


Ideal Place


no legal action Questions about the NOC or permits


How To reserve Your Plot?

Through G Marketing, you may quickly reserve your plot in the Park View society. You can get in touch with us or stop by the office with the appropriate paperwork when making a reservation:

Identification card copies of the applicant, your nominee, or their next of kin


Best Housing Project for Investment in 2023?

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